CSA Description

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How it Works
Harvest begins in June and continues into October. During this time, as long as the gardens yield sufficient food, members receive their weekly share of produce at the farm, 3 ½ miles north of Yellow Springs, on either Mondays or Thursdays, between 3pm and 6pm.

When they arrive, members take a short walk through the gardens to the pavilion, where we arrange the harvest on produce stands. Members choose an equitable number of servings from the variety of options, sometimes choosing the vegetables they already love and sometimes trying something new.

In the gardens around the pavilion, members may help themselves to u-pick flowers, fruits, and herbs. Children often enjoy helping their parents select vegetables, pick fruits and flowers, and like to observe and explore the natural world.


Our Farming Methods
We raise annuals, perennials, and small livestock on 4 acres of land. Our goal is to foster a biodiverse, high-yielding, and beautiful landscape. We work mostly by hand, fitting a lot of plants into a small space and promoting the microbial life in the soil by limiting disturbance, compaction, and erosion. To increase organic matter and minerals in the soil, we rely on compost, mulch, cover crops, and organic amendments. We rotate crops and allow habitat for native pollinators and insect predators. When necessary, we deter pests with row covers and natural remedies.

Harvest Calendar

Arugula · Beets · Bok Choy · Broccoli · Carrots · Chard · Collards · Flowers · Garlic Scapes · Green Onions · Herbs · Kale · Kohlrabi · Lettuce · Mustard · Pearl Onions ·  Peas · Radishes · Spinach

Basil · Beans · Beets · Broccoli · Cabbage · Celery · Chard · Cucumbers · Eggplant · Fennel · Flowers · Garlic · Ground Cherries · Herbs · Kale · Lettuce · Okra · Onions · Parsley · Potatoes · Peppers · Summer Squash · Tomatillos · Tomatoes

Arugula · Basil · Beans · Beets · Bok Choy · Broccoli · Cabbage · Carrots · Celery · Chard · Collards · Cucumbers · Eggplant · Flowers · Herbs · Kale · Kohlrabi · Lettuce · Mustard · Okra · Onions · Parsley · Peas · Potatoes · Pumpkins · Peppers · Spinach · Summer Squash · Tomatillos · Tomatoes · Turnips · Winter Squash

Share Size
The photos below show a typical large share at various times of the season. A small share is approximately 3/5 the size of a large share.

Full Payment, Early Discount – large $450, small $290; must sign up by Feb. 1
Full Payment – large $500, small $325
3 Installments – large $175, small $115; we will invoice you again June 1 and Aug. 1

How to Join
Either sign up and pay online or mail in the printed form with a check, to the address on back.